Weekly Review 2nd – 8th January 2012

08 January 2012


Lindegaard is really proving he is worthy of the #1 spot at United!

The first full week of 2012 was positive. Don’t have much to report, although I was almost ‘forced’ to do a lot of hanging out with friends who came back to Budapest from their universities. It’s a fine balance between putting enough hours in to be great and at the same time not neglecting the people that are most important to you. There are some people who completely focus on one thing and ignore everything else. Sure, this might make you successful, but you potentially lose your closest relationships and limit your mind and your imagination to everything else in the world. I believe it would be something you regret later, so as much as you love doing something and as bad as you want to be successful, remain focused but don’t forget the other important sides of life.

I met Moses with Joszi and we went to an African restaurant to eat.. lol. Didn’t really get much helpful advice from him which was a bummer. He did say that if Montrose offered me something then I should take it.. but when I tell him there are only two training’s a week he sort of changes his mind and asks “How are you supposed to develop with two trainings a week!?”. John from Buda said the same thing to me.

When I watched Newcastle vs Man United, Cabaye scored a great free kick. The commentator commented on his technique, so I looked at it closely. What he does is take two steps. If shooting with the right, he takes the first step with his right, on the second step is his left foot planted next to the ball and then the right foot is swung at the ball. I feel this a better technique for me especially when putting some bend on the ball. I feel it’s more accurate and the ball has less chance of being overhit. And now with my left foot I am slowly but surely learning how to apply a bit of bend on the ball.. and this time last year I could hardly strike it properly. Hard work pays.. that’s the proven motto for me!

In Thursday’s Buda training we played quite a few games inside.. and I felt good.. even though everyone is much below my level and younger. I am doing things quickly now in game situations, turning, shooting, passing, etc. So I’m slowly starting to get good at the art of that. Urgency and my slow playing pace were my main weaknesses and things I set out to improve two years ago! And now the work I’ve put into improving that over the months are finally starting to show their results! I’ll say it again! Hard work pays!


Next Week

Instead of watching games I had planned to watch in the evening, I had to spend a few nights out with friends that I don’t see often, as well as packing up and moving as the movers come in on Monday!  Therefore I completed 14 out of 20 hours.   I may leave Budapest on the 14th to London and start the process or returning home, but I want to stay because there’s nothing to do in London except shop.. for me at least. So next week it’s an achievable 26 hours of work as I’ll have some bj’s training, Moses’ will train me and I’ll be off to the gym aswell. If I do travel to LDN on the 14th, I’ll cap it to 20. Also Jan 15th is the deadline for UCAS applications and I didn’t do anything at all on that this week, so I MUST MUST MUST finish that up. Also have to remember my priorities are on football and not business. Since the businesses are requiring more attention from me in 2012 to reach my business/money goal, I sometimes choose business over football because it requires less effort, but I have to get my priorities straight and remember that developing in football is the #1 priority!

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