Weekly Review 19th – 25th December [Christmas]

25 December 2011

Just a short post as I’m spending too much time on the comp and not with the family.  I was actually just finishing up contacting 40 people through LinkedIn and seeing if they could help me. Right now I’m talking to someone from Braintree Town (English Conference North), a guy who apparently scouts for Man United and a few other people. This week a guy called Vic sent my info to premier league, league 1 and championship clubs, so I’m really grateful of that. I doubt anything will materialise, but I guess it’s about getting my name out there. Other than that, I got teddy bears from my Mum as a Christmas present…It’s the thought that counts. Christmas is not a break for me, I have to keep working until I reach my goals, and only when I do can I take a little breather.

Next Week

I did about 15/20 hours of work this week, note on Friday morning I had to leave to Austria with the parents and it gets dark so early. So I tried keeping my fitness whatever why I could whether that was running up stairs or on the treadmill. I began going to the gym and working out on the upper body, went three times this week and I don’t know if I’m going crazy, but I can see slight results already. So I’ll go again at least three times next week. Haven’t done much with the ball either, but I’ll get back home on Tuesday and hopefully the pitches won’t be frozen. Next post I’ll do it will be 2012 and 2012 is going to  be a big year for me! But right now I’m going to get back upstairs to the hotel room and hang with the parents.

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