Weekly Review 15th – 21st August 2011 [summer training]

22 August 2011

There was a one week summer camp with my regular club this week. Two trainings a day but I didn’t feel it was hard as the previous two camps I’ve been on. It’s because I’m just more used to hard work and/or I’m in good fitness shape. Missed two trainings though because that gluteal injury that I had 4-5 weeks ago came back. Went to the physio on Wednesday and Thursday and he fixed it again I think.. I don’t know if I rested enough because Saturday’s game I felt it towards the end. See how I go next week on that.

But what I did do was work hard in the games we had in training this week, well most of them anyway. I see the results, and like I said last week it shows my character and determination, and of course I play better. I think this attitude of fighting virgriously when the balls near me and occasionally going back to help a further distance is a good attitude to have. Makes me twice as effective on the pitch. If I keep it up, I’ll improve quicker and my coaches will notice it in me.

Chris finally got me somewhat good news. He arranged a “look-in” with Sydney FC, not formally a trial on the 19th and 20th of September. He also said he’s calling around in Cyprus. I talked to Jahan about getting me a trial with the 3rd division  team in Amsterdam he was going for, he said he was going to speak with the coach or a scout or something there so I’m just waiting on the outcome of that. Other than that, if all else fails, I guess I would be going back to Australia in September, so maybe it’s time to really push the a-league clubs to give me a trial. I also have to plan for a U.S. scholarship in 2012 if say I got injured tomorrow and I’m out for a 8 months.

Another week (but the week went fast!. Another reflection.

Next Week

I did 21/26 hours I was suppose to. But to be fair I was working alot on making a business so I can support myself,  summer camp took up the entire day, and I got injured. Lame excuses, but I think enough to justify that I won’t punish myself with a penalty. So 25 hours of beautiful football next week. 3 1/2 hours a day, lets get it!


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