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Weekly Review 20th – 26th June 2011 [eyes on the prize]

27 June 2011

scott sinclair

End of a non-eventful week. It’s really about preparation for July 11, the day my trial with Vasas SC begins and me signing my first pro contract. This week I began training with Moses, I’m giving him some money for daily 2 hours sesh’s to get me all prepared and ready until then.

To sign a professional contract would put all the worries about being successful as a player aside. It’s much easier to ‘go places’ after this hurdle, and of course this is the biggest hurdle I’ve been working to get over every day for the last 21 months! I can’t wait to say, “Hey guys, yes I am a professional footballer”. I don’t know much about conditions or salary yet, but it would most likely be a contract until the January transfer window. I don’t want to say too much yet, I have to prove myself to the coaches first. I can also go to Ujpest FC, one of the most successful and prestigious clubs in Hungary.

This is all good, and I have to be appreciative, but Hungary is not a place I want to play in for long. I can’t speak Hungarian + It’s probably not worth learning, I love to form great friendships with players, but when I can’t speak the language it’s hard as I’ve found playing for Hegyvidek. To be honest, I think now I’m starting to feel what it’s like to be out of school now, I can do anything I want with my life, I create my future, and I get to live in the moment I am in only once. It’s like I’m not really sure the impact of what a decision will do for me in the future, I’m not sure if what I’m doing is right. It’s a strangely uncomfortable feeling sometimes. Things might change for the worst in an instant. But I’m not going to think like that, the future is extremely bright, I’m healthy, I have my whole life ahead of me now, and I’m gonna make sure it will be like a life never lived before in the greatest way possible. I just put all my trust in the mantra: Work hard, believe and never give up and help others along the way (that’s a new one I added :). Things will work out for the very best in the end if I keep going the way I am now.

The play below was an amazing training goal! I’ve watched it over and over, it’s just great.

One last note, there was a small indoor tournament with 2 teams from refugee camps + our team. There were some ok players, but I scored some really nice, powerful goals from long. I finished top scorer and got a trophy to show, yay!

Next Week

It’s two weeks to go now, so from now until then, there are to be no late nights and a real focus. And not to get injured!! On Tuesday I was going for a hard run, and my upper hammy gave away again, still feel it a little aswell. I can’t have this problem in the trials! I’ll just ice it regularly and make sure I warm up and cool down properly.







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Morning Personal Session(1:10) Moses Training (2:00 Moses Training (2:00) Moses Training (2:00)
Afternoon Watch Game/Jog(1:25)   Game Watch (1:00) Personal Session (1:00)
Evening Personal Session (1:35) Personal Session (1:30) Personal Session (0:50) Personal Session
Personal Session(2:00)
Late Evening Watch Game (1:15)  


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