Weekly Review 14th – 20th March 2011 [mocks]

20 March 2011

Hey there. I’m going to keep this quick. I have to study for mock exams I have starting in 12 hours.

I found on Google and talked to a Finnish guy who owns a football development program that improves areas in Africa. Over email, it ended up we have some common ground with business and such and he offered to help me. He said I could go to a club in Slovakia and some first and second division Finnish teams with one phone call. Maybe I’ll go over to one of these teams in April break for a training camp.

No news on going to Belgium.

Was on the bench for the a-team on Saturday this week and was an unused substitute, what is worse is that today I was on the bench for the b-team. I don’t know why, but I came on for 45 minutes as a right back, and I think as a right back I am good and feel more comfortable. I can get the ball away from any player that’s bigger than me and hardly get outmuscled. I like the thought of blocking one on ones and using my speed to overlap the right mid and attack. The thing is, in the b-team, there are a few of the players are fat 30-40 year olds who look funny when they’re running because there so fat.

Anyway, this is all I’m going to say. I gotta do some studyiiiiiinnnnnnng.

Football comes first, but the upcoming week is one of the most important ever in my 12 years of school, so I missed roughly 1.5 to 2 hours of training this week. Not going to punish myself, I’ll add this on to the week after next. Promise. Problem is I have three major mock exams till Thursday. So I’ll go to my regular trainings on Tuesday and Wednesday and start training on my own again from Thursday after mocks.


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Lunch Personal Session (2:00) Personal Session (2:00)
Afternoon Personal
Club Training (1:40) Personal Session (4:00)
Evening Club Training (1:40) Club Training (1:40) Club Training (1:40) Personal Session (1:00) Personal Session (2:20)
Late Evening  


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