Weekly Review 21st – 27th Feburary 2011 “new football training plan”

27 February 2011

Football Training plan
This week I couldn’t play in any games because my registration papers were still being prepared. Well yesterday I got my official playing I.D! So now I am a registered player with the Hungarian football federation 😀 Except I still have to go get a medical exam done before I can play so I’m scheduled in doing that next week. I think the coach really wants me to play too although he doesn’t speak like a word of English. It’s also good how I can play in an environment where there are 30 odd players trying to play in the first 11. There are many unfit players, but I’m proud of myself that I’m fitting into the first team, but at the same time I feel I shouldn’t be proud because it’s like only the 4th division. When I’m playing in packed out stadiums and with the best teams in the world, then I will be truly proud of myself.

Since I had less training this week, I had the chance to think more of my future training plans this week and I’m going to try change from having personal training seshs where I just dribble, juggle and shoot around and can seem repeatedly long and boring, to games where I challenge myself and play a fun game to get 200 shots in the bottom right corner or 100 accurate crosses in with my left foot over an hour and If I don’t reach the goal I have to sacrifice playing fifa for a week or something like that (fear of loss is more motivating than gaining).

So this new training plan will mean, each time before I have a personal session:
1. Commit to what exercises I’m going to do based on what I need to work on strength/weakness wise (ex: left foot finishing)
2. Have a goal of how many times I successfully complete the excercise (ex: 200 goals in bottom right corner in 90 minutes)
3. What happens if I achieve / don’t achieve my goal (ex: If I achieve, I can go to George’s party, If I don’t, I can’t go to George’s party and I have to do extra school work)
Note: I will keep a rough check on time and make sure I do the hours I need to everyday, so I will still have a time schedule.

As for drinking more water, eating breakfast everyday and drinking protein shakes, I don’t know if it improves my football, but I feel it increases your well-being. I think I feel less tired throughout the day and have more energy which is pretty important now that I have final school exams coming up and have to juggle school and my business stuff. I think a protein shake will be better for me as a meal replacement for breakfast, my coach Moses said that it’s not good to take any supplements because after you retire your body doesn’t know how to produce muscle without supplements. I’ll drink more water too.

Oh and about going to the gym, well I’ll regularly keep doing pushups and situps as part of my trainings. I got a new book called the Four Hour Body by Tim Ferris, there are many exercises in there I can use which allow me to get maximum effect for minimum time, I will check those out.

Next Weeks Training Plan
Back to a 20 hour schedule text week. I roughly did 8 hours this week, but I feel more refreshed and more motivated so it was good I had more rest than usual.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Lunch Personal Session (1:00) (1:00 Personal Session) Personal Session (2:00) Personal Session (1:00)
Afternoon Personal
Personal Session (0:30) Personal Session (1:00) Club Training (1:40) Personal Session (2:30)
Evening Club Training (1:40) Club Training (1:40) Club Training (1:40) Personal Session (1:00) Personal Session (1:20)
Late Evening


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