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Weekly Review 27th – 3rd October 2010 [visualisation techniques & faking it]

03 October 2010

Visualisation techniques

Alex Scores with Drogba - Visualisation Tecniques

On Tuesday this week I was kinda lacking in desire to train, but concluded in saying Have the same work rate and focus as If I were playing in a premier league game.” This technique of mind visualisation or thinking big really helped me be more effective in training and games this week. Pretending that the crappy player in front of you is Wayne Rooney and pretending that yourself is a player trying to fight for his place really makes you a better player. It resulted in me this week scoring many goals in training and matches and working harder.

On Saturday I went to Vienna with my school for the annual Vienna international schools exchange tournament where we played Vienna and the Prague school. I scored 2 goals (should of been 3 but was disallowed) out of two sixty minute matches. With the school season I’ve so far scored 3 out of 3 games which is good (although I feel like I should be scoring hat-tricks every match) out of a total of 5 goals the team has scored in those three matches. We lost 3-1 and won 3-2, but my leadership is good because I basically force myself to be one, I naturally earn my place to lead the warm up and I’m the loudest player on the pitch shouting at everyone.

No progress has gone on with applying for colleges or getting into academies, I am making two videos with highlights of me playing and I’ll send this to a few coaches once it’s done. I gotta take a video of myself training and a few statements from coaches, take a few more videos of matches, edit and send it off and hopefully that will be enough to get me some scholarship offers from America. If the whole European thing doesn’t work out, I’m looking at Boston University. It sounds really cool because alot of Europeans go there so it’s not so americany (which would be annoying) and it’s like a student city + one of my really good friends is going there + it’s a top 10 ranked college. So right now, If I had to pick a college, Boston would be number 1.

Next Week

Going to Munich next week from Thursday to play in SCIS (Sports Council of International Schools Tournament). Last year it was in Zurich, Switzerland and we finished 6th out of 8. This year I believe we can win it. I think were going to play five games in that. My personal target is to score 10 Goals from five games. Last year I scored just two. But I’m so much of a better player this year, two goals a game I think is doable for a player who wants to be professional.


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Lunch Football with Mates (0:25) Football with Mates (0:20) Football with Mates (0:25) TRAVELLING TRAVELLING
Afternoon Personal Session (1:30) Personal Session (1:00) Personal Session (1:00) Watch Games (1:30) 3 GAMES (4:30) 2 GAMES
Personal Session (1:30)
Evening Club Training (1:40) Club Training (1:40) TRAVELLING Watch Games (1:30) TRAVELLING
Late Evening (1:00 Personal Session) TRAVELLING TRAVELLING


So that’s about all for this week, there should be two videos out tomorrow.

Visualisation Techniques

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