Weekly Review 24th – 30th May 2010

31 May 2010

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“Like everything in life, the beginning is always the hardest part. But then you adapt.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

So, It’s about 30 minutes past midnight, about to go to bed seeing I have the FootballCV trial with West Ham tomorrow. I’ve had a decent week. Started off well in Monday’s game where my team won 6 – 1. The good thing is that I scored two goals and assisted two goals. One goal was a penalty, the second was a shot into the bottom corner from about 16 yards out. Best assist is when I did a blazing run up the wing and passed it in the box for a player to finish. Although I know I could of played better, it probably shows that I’m improving. On Saturday, I went up to Milton Keynes for the first of my FootballCV trials. I did.. hm.. ok. I reflect on in more detail below but one key thing I realised, is that if I talk to the players and show that I’m a leader before the match starts, I feel much better and play better on the field. I think it’s because I get intimidated too much, and if I talk the player’s that “look good” from the outside don’t really anymore and it settles my nerves I guess. A man before the match on Saturday, told the group just to do the basics right and scouts will notice you. Just pass and control, it sounds too easy, I mean if you just do that who will notice you, is it possible to get a trial just by doing that all the time? Maybe I’ll just keep doing that and see what happens..

This Week

Game Analysis Notes Top 5:

  • Stay 1m away from the attacker if you are defending, that way he can’t use your body and bam! you can intercept him easier (nikefootball)
  • In the penalty area, cut inside and across the defender to get a shot in.
  • Dribble away from the defender before passing.
  • I said two weeks ago, and I’ll say again, just looking at messi, he is not at an level that I can’t get to one day.. he just is very smart, knows where he is on the pitch, what he wants to do and he does it. He knows how to find space and how to get space and will execute what he wants to do very quickly.
  • To get inside the penalty box, Messi always seems pass to a player at edge of the box, make a run in and the player passes to him to score.
Monday Match:
– Scored 2 goals, 2 assists. Won 6-1.
– I could pass and control the ball well.
– Had some really fast good runs up wing, but failed to make final pass count.Tuesday:
– I should run the ball up line more,even if I get tackled it’s still a corner. And it’s good, I can practice holding off a defender.
– Right foot long passing becoming second nature.Wednesday:
– I need to work harder, was a little lazy. Perhaps because it’s nearing end of season.Thursday:
– Crossing was off

Saturday trial:
– I was agressive and always put pressure on players
– Had a decent defensive preformance.
– Overdibbled sometimes
– Short passing was never intercepted.
– Crossing was crap.
– I need to have better fitness to make more runs.
– Talked well, shouted a lot and wanted the ball.
– Decent control and pass.
–   Try go for more runs to receive ball, opposite side runs? Go to find and receive ball more and more, out of position?

I am really unsure whether any scouts will take my details from Saturday’s game. I think it’s a 40/60 chance that someone has, but seeing as I live in Hungary it might make it more difficult as apparently they prefer only to take details of those who live in the UK. Oh well, these trials still give me a lot of experience and a chance to see where I’m at. I think I’ve certainly improved since the last. I think the last three weeks now of analysing games has worked well too. Putting yourself in the position of what would Messi or Ronaldo do? Really helps alot. So my football brain is.. well improving I guess. As the world cup is nearing, I am definitely going to be writing down all the things I see and as there’s a potential of 64 games I can watch, that’s like 100 hours right there! Summer will for sure be a football summer for me.

Next Week

So I have to say first that I haven’t done by 20 hours this week. Just a little dis-organisation, more sleep to recover vs. playing and this trip to London created some issues. I think I only did about 12 hours to be honest. I’m setting consequences for myself now, so from now on, If I do not complete the hours on my schedule for what I set, the hours I did not complete, will have to be tripled. So if I miss two hours, I have to do six hours the next week. And if I get injured it’s no excuse, I can still watch and analyse. I’m also going to try to get to training 45 minutes earlier now, so I can train before training and do my time then, instead of when I get home and am tired.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Morning Personal Session outside (1:30) Personal Session outside (1:00) Personal Session Videos(1:00)
Lunch Game (0:25) Game (0:25) Game (0:25) Club Training (1:45)
Afternoon Football Cv West Ham Game(1:00) Personal Session outside (1:00) Personal Session Videos (2:00) Personal Session Outside(3:00)
Evening Club Training (1:45) Club Training (1:45) Club Training (1:45)
Late Evening Personal Session Videos (1:00)

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