Weekly Review 10th – 16th May 2010

16 May 2010

It’s been an OK week. Not much has gone on, just training and working hard to acheive the dream.

I missed out on a few hours this week because of a slight injury and being really busy with school and websites and stuff. But I’ve kept watching games and player highlights on youtube and I think it’s having an effect on how I play. I’m really trying to put myself in player’s positions when I’m watching videos and see how they do things then try to translate it on the pitch. I think in a few more weeks I’ll have a much more improved grasp of the game. Watching more has given me more love for football, I want to play more, I feel it’s becoming more passionate. Maybe it’s because I’m improving and getting better.. I don’t know but I’m just really starting to like the game more.

I’ve also concluded that Messi just has to be the best player in the world. I’ve watched and studied dozens of videos of him, compared him to Ronaldo and Messi is just so exciting to watch. His pace, dribbles and just how he plays is wonderful. I love this guy and I think he is probably someone I look up to now. However, I don’t think he’s an impossible player to become better than. His major strengths are pace, quick changes of direction with the ball and finding those spaces where he can go into on the pitch. His shooting isn’t amazing, In all the videos I’ve watched of him, I don’t think I’ve seen him do one tackle! To be the world’s best player, having just those 2-3 strengths can make you.

These are the top 5 things I learnt from watching this week:

  • Ronaldo and Messi always dribble on their toes and with each step they move the ball with them.
  • A centre-mid covers space behind opposing attacker and runs in an horizontal line. If the ball comes to attacker they are covering they must try intercept or jockey the man.
  • When attacking with the ball upfield, do not turn back, just go to the right or left. Don’t stop the pace of play.
  • Messi waits until defender is off balance and then makes his beating move.
  • The best players are always cool, calm and confident.

So in other news. In order to free up more of my time to play football and focus on my business’, I’ve decided that my schoolwork must suffer. My goals in school were A’s and B’s before, now I think I have to downgrade that to at least C’s in my classes to at least keep my parent’s happy. Because 1 hour of working on school work, is one less hour I could be playing football.

Off to next week. It’s actually just two weeks now before I have two more trials with FootballCV. Something to focus on 😉

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