06 January 2010

For roughly the past three weeks I have been on holiday’s in Australia, during that time i’ve been tied up with meeting friends and going to the beach and pool. I haven’t been following my coaches training plan which probably means i’m going to die when training resumes in around a week as he has a two month fitness plan for us. These three weeks have felt like weeks well i’m declining in skill and wasted time to develop my skill, on the plus side i’ve done some things only the beginning of 2010 that have made me feel like I can achieve anything, it’s all mental. First it was basically getting a chick from ‘I like you’ to ‘I love you’ by being confident in myself, and second was doing what’s called an ‘endo’ at the pool (doing a backflip while jumping forward from a 5 meter diving tower), not succeeding by landing on my face but it was probably the toughest thing mentally i’ve had to do. Anyway one of my goals for 2010 is just to be confident and never back away from opportunities whether it is free time for a football session or talking to girls.

Reflecting on 2010, I saw a change in me that I started to believe, believe that I could succeed and the determination to be the best. It happened from analysing football games more on TV and working 100% in training and this has got me fired up to be professional and I know I can.

2010 will be start of a two year period to try and make it. But 2010 really is the year to become signed,I’m 16 now and I turn 17 in July and this is the age I can do it. With the progress i’ve made over the last four months, what I can do in 12 months can be amazing.

This year my development will be even faster achieved with more planning and organisation but most of all with the determination to succeed. The key focus areas this year will be:

Two things here are mental, two things here are skill wise. I need to act as though I am a good player whether it is playing with my mates at school or doing a drill in training, I need to act like I am the man and that means working harder than anyone else on the pitch or court.

I have made a pledge to myself that this year I will update this blog at least once a week and analyse my performance after every game and tournament.

This year really is the year to make it and I know I can do it.

If I get a setback, I can turn it into a massive victory.

If I believe I can succeed, I will.

And once I make it, all the hard work, all the sweat, it was all worth it 😀

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