Goals for the Bucharest Tournament.

04 November 2009

For the Bucharest Tournament I have set myself these goals that will pave the way to professional success.

1. Give 100%. After a couple of off-trainings, I need to get myself on track again. Give 100% for all matches and I would have done all I can to improve my ability and prove I am the best.
2. Concentration РConcentration has been low for alot of games,  every touch, movement, everything im involved in CONCENTRATE.

By Doing these things I will:

1. Score 7 Goals, this is an average of 1 goal a game and will make me noticeable
2. Be in the All-Torn Team – Have to prove I am the best in this competition
3. Get an team award for being one of the best player, most improved, etc.


examples of goal setting

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