22 September 2009

“They say your attitude determines your latitude well I am high as a motherfucker and fly as a motherfucker” – kanye west. Despite tha MTV award crap that happened earlier I think that line from one of his tracks is true to me this week.

After changing my attitude I think I have really seen some good results. For the first time I have seen personally how to earn respect from your teammates by working hard. Teammates treat me more seriously and I know now that if I concentrate and work, then the skill I know I can show comes out. Played in a game on Saturday where our team won in a friendly 8-0 (the other team were rubbish) and I scored a hat-trick, followed by a match in training on Sunday where I scored one to make our side win 2-1.

Are these real results or just a fluke? I don’t know yet either so stay tuned for this week.


a siiickkkkkkk goal by bellamy

a siiickkkkkkk goal by bellamy

changing your attitude

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