Gotta be exceptional

18 September 2009
cesc fabregas and fans

cesc fabregas and fans

Im on my way to training now and writing this on my phone and I was pondering about football. I’ve realized after my years of obbsession with football that to be something in this game you gotta be exceptional. You have to be good..but I don’t think good is good enough. You have to be the player who is more than that. I constantly have to be the standout, the player who is always an example in training and a player you can’t let go out of your starting team. One where the coach will always say brilliant finish or good nick that was what I was looking for and teammates will raise their thumbs up for. Gotta be the one who plays well and sets the bar higher than no other player will be able to reach.

The funny thing with me saying this is that I currently don’t show any of those skills. So I am setting this aim for myself starting from todays training and next games.

1. Be the best in everything you do and set a bar higher than anyone could reach.

Running late now and don’t want to miss out on my bus stop. Cyas

Update: After having this attitude I’m pretty sure I showed that I was the best player in the team today.

Exceptional athletes

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